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Fitness Trackers Compared

Today we are going to look at various fitness trackers, from the famous "Fitbit" to other alternatives, and conside what you should be looking for in a fitness tracker.

Alta HR from Fitbit

This is Fitbit's slimmest design yet. Having a smaller fitness tracker is handy for many reasons. It is less likely to get in your way when exercising, and it also will fit more easily under your sleeves when you are dressed to impress. This track includes heart rate and calorie burn - two essential metrics for tracking the effectiveness of your workouts, as well as sleep tracking, and the usual number of steps and daily activity metrics you've come to expect from Fitbit.

Overall this is our favourite smart fitnes tracker, and offers affordable quality at $95. You can find out more on the Amazon Page. Here is a picture. Click the picture to zoom in.

Fitbit Alta Hr Band- Black, SmallFitbit Alta Hr Band- Black, Small, Side View

Muzili Fitness Tracker YG3 Plus

I wanted to include a rock bottom budget fitness tracker, that still oozes quality and would make a solid buy. Therefore I though the Muzili Fitness Tracker YG3 Plus is worth a mention.

This, like the Fitbit offers Heart Rate and sleep monitor, and an IP67 of water protection from rain and sweat, and possibily a quick dip in the pool (but I would generally recommend not to swim or dive with this monitor).

It is a lot cheaper than the Fitbit, but why? Well it doesn't have the brand name or sleek design elements of the Fitbit. But if you are on a budget and want a functional activity tracker then give this a try. Just $39.99, less than lunch for two in the Sydney CBD!

Muzili Fitness Tracker YG3 PlusMuzili Fitness Tracker YG3 Plus App

Garmin Tactix Charlie Multi-Sport GPS Watch

If you want to drop some serious cash on a watch and spoil yourself then consider the Garmin Tactix Charlie Multi-Sport GPS Watch. It has it all, and in a stylish body that wouldn't look out of place in a Bond movie.

First of all let's talk about the technology here - topographic maps! That means you can use the GPS feature to know where you are and the landscape around you. This is a serious watch for serious explorers.

There is a compass, altmeter, barometer, performance/training/recovery monitor (based in past exercise), hear rate of course. Compatiable device paring. It uses premium materials and of course this bad boy can go deep under water to 100m.

This is a serious top notch spy/action watch that would prove quite useful in a lot of situations, and it looks seriously good:

Muzili Fitness Tracker YG3 PlusMuzili Fitness Tracker YG3 Plus App


There is an impressive choice of fitness trackers available. The three we review here are great, but there are many more, so check them out.

If you hate making a choice, just take our word and go for a great all round choice, our favourite, the fabulous Alta HR from Fitbit

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