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Travel Deals Australia: Where to find the true bargains that'll make you look twice at the price!

You are reminded how big Australia is when you try to go on holiday somewhere. You can be on a flight from Sydney to Asia or Europe, and still be in Australia four hours into the flight! Australia's unique geography makes it harder than other places to travel somewhere new and exotic, and it also makes it more expensive. Especially when Australia doesn't have the heavy discounted airfares you'd expect in Europe or the USA. For these reasons it is very important to shop for the best travel deals in Australia. Luckily whether the deal features at Ozbargain or Groupon, we are onto it!

Here on, you can search Groupon, Ozbargain, Cudo, and many other providers of deals for travel deals within Australia. These deals are amazing and are steeply discounted, and include hotels, tours, cruises, flights and some more off the beat stuff too (looking at you, glampers!). To get started click Travel Deals Australia and enter the keyword you want to search which could either be a destination such as Bali or a type of holiday such as "beach".

I am going to give this a try right now. Bear … with … me … I am going to see what comes up first in holidays… While many would go for Bali travel deals, I can see that we have a 12-Day Tour with a Nile River Cruise and International Flights for $3499 (Deals Combined Ozbargain and Groupon travel sections). More deals for Egypt are from our excellent deal partner Cudo. This Cudo deal combines a cruise and hotel accommodation to get the absolute most out of the experience. You visit Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Alexandria - all the places you'd expect to go. To get all of this, including return airfare for $3499 is astounding to me, and makes it feel like you don't need to pay the earth because you live on the other side of it!

Closer to home: Australian Travel Deals

What if we want to stay closer to home, and explore the great things this great country has to offer? I'm going to do an unusual search and see what comes up. I'll type in Kangaroo to the search box to see what Australian Travel Deals come up related to Kangaroos. I am thinking maybe something that involves seeing or petting Kangaroos and other marsupials. The first result I see is for "Kangaroo Island: 3-Night Escape for Two with Wine and Late Check-Out at Sea Dragon Lodge". This is a Groupon / Ozbargain deal, weighing in at a respectable $899 reduced from $1580 - but are we getting good value for money?

I am checking out the Groupon / Ozbargain page and see that you are getting accommodation only, but in a brilliant location in the lush nature of Kangaroo Island. The hotel is rated 5 on Tripadvisor, which means it must be very good because Tripadvisor doesn't suffer fools. It is an eco villa with beach views and has modern aesthetics and is tastefully decorated. There is a picture of some Kangaroos - so that's a success for our search! And there is a picture of a hot tub. I can just imagine how relaxing a holiday at this place would be. Go online deals Australia! We have done it here at Deals Combined.

Finally let's look at one more Travel Deal of Australia that I found. This time let's find something super affordable, but at the same time classy. So again if we concentrate on deals in either Groupon, Ozbargain or Cudo , we find that Lyndoch Hill at Barossa Valley is offering a night's accommodation in their modern delightful hotel for just $99. But that's not all… they are throwing in breakfast. All for $99. I had to look twice at that price. And in addition they are offering early check in and late checkout which is what you need for a relaxing stay. This is your chance for those on a shoestring to impress their partner in this great wine producing region close to the city of Adelaide. You can get these deals direct at Deals Combined.

There are many other nice deals including Queensland holiday packages and hotel deals in Perth.

Finally my challenge to you, check out our travel deals online at Travel Deals Australia and see if you can find a bargain you can't believe. Let us know what you book.

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