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Who Are We?

We are an Australian locals who understand the rising cost of living and the stagnating wage growth in Australia. Our CEO moved from Sydney to London in 2005 and upon arriving to London, couldn’t believe how expensive London was. Coming back to Sydney 2011, the positions had been switched and she couldn’t believe how expensive Sydney had become compared to London.

Being able to enjoy what Sydney has to offer was becoming unattainable , even for highly paid professionals.

I started scouring deals sites and found a gold mine of deals and discounts in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane , Canberra, and even other major city. I even found deals and discounts in regional areas.

Our family was able to go to a holiday in Queensland, by booking accommodation on a deal site , for less than a quarter of the regular price. That is a discount of over 75%.

The downside of this was having to spend significant time on 30+ websites to find suitable discounts . Being able to enjoy living in Australia, on a budget, was proving to be time-consuming. Scouring between Ozbargain, Groupon and Toby deals was really taking its toll on our time and the mental health of our family.

This is where the idea developed to create the Deals Combined website. We want to help every Australian enjoy living in the world’s most expensive cities, our own Australian cities and regional areas, while not getting into debt.

Finding deals and discounts became our passion. We are also aware that Digital transformation is the rage. You can't connect with organisations who have undergone billions of dollars in communicating with you, the consumer, digitally if you don't have a decent enough mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Hence our introduction and partnership with Dell, Amazon and Toby Deals.

While Australia sleeps, our engine is hard at work scouring deals and discounts websites from all over Australia and aggregating them . However, we don’t just stop there. We scour non deals websites, such as big e-commerce websites, searching for items that are on sale. We compare the sale item to the original RRP and if it meets our criteria of a “really good deal”, we include into our deals of the day. After spending midnight to early morning hours scouring deals sites, analysing sales on e-commerce websites , we finally publish the daily deals to you at 6 am everyday. So how do we differ from other deals sites?

We are the combination of Ozbargain, Groupon , Scoopon, Ouffer, Cudo, LivingSocial and all other deals sites in Australia. All deals from these sites are aggregated on our website.

We also scour sites like Ozbargain , Deals of the day, and bring you their daily deals as well.

We then crawl Amazon Australia, ebay etc and look for sales, analyse them and include those in our website as well.

WE also scour electronics sections in all sites like Toby Deals and bring you the latest and best deals, bargain and discounts on electronics, especially mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

We want our customers to enjoy life.

WE want you to sit at a restaurant in Sydney CBD, using our lunch deal voucher and have the same meal as someone on the next table as you but only pay half the price.

We want you to have a family Queensland holiday but only pay 20% of the accommodation cost that the family in the apartment above you have paid.

We want you to enjoy having breakfast, lunch, dinner or high tea at some of the most exclusive establishments in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and not have to worry about making rent that week.

We want you to enjoy wet and wild or water parks these school holidays at a fraction of the cost.

We want you to go to Winter Wonderland and have the time of your life without breaking the bank. Enjoy life in the world’s most beautiful country: Australia. The deals and discounts are on us!